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                                                           Nilla Green

                              “I was the one beating on the table and starting freestyle sessions.”

Nilla Green grew up with the strong appreciation for all-things-music that most artists do – it’s all about how he’s used that inspiration, passion, and spark to fuel his career that has set him apart from the rest.

His real story begins back in 2013 – that was the moment where everything – his LIFE – changed forever.  Officially venturing into Electro-music for the very first time, Nilla Green began concocting infusions of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and hybrid sounds of all kinds together in remarkably fresh & undeniably exciting new ways that instantly raised the stakes & standards of the party-scene.  Always keeping his set diverse and radiantly versatile – Nilla Green established his name quickly through quality in the Tampa, Florida, club-scene – and after dropping his first project Green House FX Vol. I online, the resulting enthusiasm, support, and straight-up buzz surrounding his music led directly to his first official in-house DJ residency.

Since that time, Nilla Green has gone on to achieve well-earned status at the top of the scene and leads the way when it comes to innovative audio entertainment people wanna hear.  Rolling hard with the momentum established in the acclaim for his first record Green House FX Vol. I – Nilla Green continued to surge forward online through a ton of highly dynamic & irresistible singles released.  Following-up his debut with the sequel, Green House FX Vol. II officially put out in 2016, the second album confirmed the vibrant material Nilla Green produced truly belonged at the tops of playlists & charts worldwide, 100%.

Committed to making each experience with his live DJ sets & recordings brilliantly unique from the last, and incorporating pure doses of authentic crossover style, he specializes in Future/Progressive/Electro-House but also keeps the door wide-open to the possibilities that every sound potentially has to offer.  Driven by his genuine desire for success and a pure love of moving listeners through an array of radiant mixes, stunning sound, and undeniably catchy hooks pouring through speakers from the lefts to rights – Nilla Green continues to hustle bodies to the dance-floor & take nights to the next-level through music.

He’s still “the one beating on the table and starting freestyle sessions” to this very day – the facts are, he just does it a whole lot better now than he ever did it way back then.  Join Nilla Green as he takes over the scene with monumentally hot songs scheduled for release, new live sets coming to stages all across the nation, and a powerful skillset that reveals he’s absolutely at the top of his game right now in 2020.


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